Perfect Results Every Time

Perfect Results Every Time

Our investigative services are second to none and are conducted using the latest investigation technology and highly trained personnel to provide you perfect results.

Excellent 24/7 Communication

Excellent 24/7 Communication

We firmly believe that when conducting delicate investigations, it’s vital to provide 24/7 communication to our clients. Our support team will answer any questions you have and provide help at any time. Furthermore, when an investigation is taking place, you will receive regular updates on the situation.

Spy equipment

Spy equipment

To deliver excellent results, you need the best equipment on the market. For this reason, we have invested heavily in the latest spy technologies to conduct our investigation more efficiently.

Emergency Service

Emergency Service

We have a dedicated emergency support line dedicated to our customers. In case of emergencies, our service will ensure you get first priority when you need it most.

Mission Statement

Private Investigator will always provide the best service for it’s clients. In order to achieve this, we go through great lengths in hiring the best private investigators, with vast experience and qualified.

Our company will invest heavily in the latest technology, techniques and services to have a successful operation. No matter how big the task, our core services(Personal-Insurance-Legal-Business) are always getting improved to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Private Investigator promises client satisfaction, while keeping its operations, techniques and details of its customers securely and with maximum confidentiality.

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What to Expect from a Private Investigator in Houston

Houston's diverse culture and climate require the services of top investigators.

A common misconception is that spy work and private investigators are shrouded in mystery and secretive. With us, this is not the case, we keep the whole process transparent and explain every step with great detail. Private Investigator will listen to your needs and deliver the desired service efficiently while keeping you informed.

Here’s what we will do:

  • Discuss in detail what your needs are
  • Make a concrete and achievable plan together.
  • Develop a cost-effective action plan
  • Tell you the time frame for which you can expect your investigation to be conducted
  • Assign an experienced agent to conduct the investigation
  • Communicate with you regularly during the process of the investigation
  • Deliver to you the results in the form of a detailed report and video when appropriate
  • Follow up with you to be sure you are satisfied with the service provided

Our Promise to You:

We will not undertake your case unless we are confident we can provide the service you desire.

Once you are happy with the plan we put together. Our team will make sure to deliver results in a short time and keep you informed regularly throughout the process. We understand that some cases are delicate and they may be stressful to you, however, our support team will give you proper guidance to achieve the results you desire. The techniques with you are all within a reasonable budget and transparent, that way you are informed of the whole process.


We know that contacting a private investigator you want to keep all the details private. To make sure every exchange between us is confidential, we use a secure cloud email to communicate. Furthermore, all details of any investigation are kept private and any information is deleted after a 7-day period unless requested. Any information given to us is always kept confidential and should you wish to get more details about the methods we use and how your details are stored during the investigations, kindly contact our support team.

Private Investigator in Houston, TX Service Available 24/7