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Private Investigator has its headquarters in Houston but we also have regional offices worldwide to serve our clients globally.

Our company runs on strict core values. Our code of ethics and the subsequent relationships that are formed, extend to our clients and affect greatly their wellbeing. Over our 28 years, we have established a strong client base and we have assisted our customers in formulating a plot which will achieve their respective goals. As soon as we understand what our clients require, we determine a game plan that rarely leaves their aims unattended. We pride ourselves in the fact that our outstanding results and satisfaction among clients have earned us a trademark in the market. Our people make us who we are. We continuously strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and satisfy their needs, whatever the case may be.

Our Company

Our private investigators use many techniques to determine the facts in a wide variety of situations. To carry out investigations, they use a range of surveillance equipment and methods to conduct their searches.

To verify facts, such as confirming an individual’s place of employment, they may visit a subject’s workplace or use phone calls. In more serious cases, such as those involving missing persons or background checks on individuals and firms, our investigators often interrogate people to gather as much information as possible around the subject. Our team covers a range of services catering to individuals, businesses and attorneys. For more information about the services we cover, take a look at our Services page.

Our investigators are highly trained to gather intellect on various subjects, in a wide array of industries. Our company hires fully licensed personnel and often they have served for long periods either in the military or police forces. For this reason, we consider ourselves fit for purpose for any matter you wish to be investigated.

Detectives are trained to function in any type of situation. Whether it's gathering intelligence for long periods of time in a car or observing the home of a subject from an inconspicuous location, our agents have it covered! Different equipment is used to conduct investigations such as binoculars, cell phone and video camera until sufficient evidence is collected. In cases where digital evidence needs to be obtained, our investigators will use various IT skills to do database searches and other data to secure arrests, conviction or proof in civil judgements.

Hiring a Private Investigator

For us to investigate cases, usually our investigators meet clients or organizations in charge. Depending on the case, this can be done either with immediate effect or with advance notice. Our clients will provide us with as much information as possible on the subject. This may include a detailed physical description, vehicle licence plates, daily routines and habits and much more.

Once our investigator feels there is sufficient background data on the subject, they will begin to collect intellect. This may take up to a week and in cases where governments’ official and court orders are involved, this may take much longer. The task of our investigators is to do their work until you are satisfied.

Security and Confidentiality

Due to the nature of our work, we have strict regulation in place to prevent fraud, misappropriation of data and privacy issues. Our team will gather all information required by you and deliver it by an encrypted (secure) email, this information normally stays on our servers for 7 days, after which this is deleted. Naturally, in serious cases, we may keep the information for longer, however, this is only done with your consent.

When you arrange a meeting with us, every information is kept at maximum secrecy and our investigators will never divulge any information.

We highly pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our clients for many years and our brand is well established in delivering accurate results in a timely fashion. Schedule a free consultation with us today, and we will help you get the information you need - no matter how hard to obtain!