Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Questions and Answers


1What is a Private Investigator?
A Private Investigator, commonly known as PI (Private Eye) or Detective, is a professional hired by entities to gather intelligence and confirm or discredit the information. PIs use a number of techniques and information to gather information. A private investigator is a highly skilled individual with an analytical mind and keen observation skills. Private Investigators are licensed to practice in each state they carry work and are usually former military members or police officers. A PI can work either full-time, part-time or as a contractor depending on the cases involved.
2Who hires Private Investigators?
A private investigator is usually hired by law firms, insurance companies and private individuals to investigate a wide range of cases. Highly skilled PIs all have the ability to gather clues and verify information about the subject of the investigation. For this reason, private investigators are highly in demand with firms and individuals who want specific information for delicate cases.
3 How soon can an investigation begin?
Depending on the seriousness of the case involved, you can normally hire an investigator within a 24-hour notice. It can be possible to get a PI at your disposal immediately in emergencies and high profile cases, however, the rate for this is higher than that advertised on our website. In cases where you need a private investigator immediately, kindly contact us right away. Advanced notice is only required when a PI is needed on weekends and public holidays. For more information regarding the availability of our investigators and to book one, kindly contact our team.
4What information is required to begin an investigation?
The more information you provide us about the subject or case you want us to investigate, the better. Usually, we require a detailed physical description of the subject as well as photos, vehicle licence plates and location. A reason for the surveillance of the subject/s in question must also be provided. By giving us an accurate description of the events and subjects you want us to investigate, the higher chance of a successful operation.
5What is the best method of sending you my information?
To keep any information secure, we suggest that you send us everything by secure email or by mail. This is to keep any sensitive data about the investigation as encrypted as possible. You can contact our support team and they will walk you through the necessary steps to send us any valuable information safely and securely.
6Is my investigation information kept secret?
At Private Investigator In Houston we take privacy and data protection seriously. For this reason, any email you send is will be through a private, encrypted and secure cloud format. Your details are kept with us for 7 days after which the data will be deleted permanently.
7How is a surveillance investigation planned?
Since you would obviously know more about the subject or entity you want to be investigated, we rely heavily on the information you provide us. On top of any person details, we would need you to assist us in providing us the correct time and location to investigate from. Furthermore, details such as when they are most likely to exhibit the behaviour or circumstances you seek to know, would be highly beneficial to us. With all this information, we would know exactly where to begin our intelligence gathering and thus increasing the chances of a successful operation.
8What evidence do you provide with an investigation?
: As evidence from our investigation, we provide a digital time stamp video with all activities observed during operation and a court legal report. All of this is sent to you by secure email directly. Should you wish to have the evidence in DVD format and mailed to you by courier, this service will incur additional charges. All evidence is delivered within twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours from the end of the operation. Should you need any further assistance about our investigative services, you can contact us at any time either by email or phone.